Remove / Delete a Node form Veritas cluster

Taking backup of Config file from Primary Node : [root@tsdb1 ~]# cp -p /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config/main.cf /main.cf_VRTSvcs05162013 To be executed in Primary node to delete the Leaving / Being removed “TSGB13” : [root@tsdb1 ~]# haconf -makerw        -making config Read & Write[root@tsdb1 ~]# […]

HP iLO Password Reset & Other

This procedure is tested and worked for me on different models of “HP Proliant” servers running Linux.                     By default HP-iLO will have Administrator as user to login to it. If you […]

How to upgrade Emulex NIC / HBA Drivers and Firmware.

This procedure is executed on “HP ProLiant BL460c G7” running “SLES 11.1 Update 2 (x86_64). prodappsrv11:~ # uname -a Linux prodappsrv11 #1 SMP 2012-04-27 11:14:44 +0200 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux prodappsrv11:~ # ethtool -i eth0      driver: be2net version: firmware-version: […]

All About EVE (1950) ~~~ [Eve = EVIL?]

అల్ అబౌట్ ఈవ్ (1950 ) All About Eve :  Common Women to a Great Artist                          సినిమా పేరులోనే ఉన్నట్లుగా ఈవ్ అనే మహిళకు సంభందించిన కధ ఇది. అయితే ఇక్కడ గొప్పగా చెప్పుకోవలసిన […]