sudo permission to jdapp (sudo su – jdapp) for chkprod user.

# visudo             ^ This edits “/etc/sudoers” file. Added the following lines. Cmnd_Alias JDAPP=/u01/app/jd-apps/bin/jdapp.sh chkprod ALL=(jdapp) NOPASSWD: JDAPP,/bin/bash  ^Allowing “chkprod” to su as “jdapp” and he can execute “jdapp.sh” and given access to “Bash shell”.  NOTES : * * su will […]

Freeing TCP Port which do not have PID / iNode Number.

QUESTION :  Could you please take a look on the server c000pcp. Looks like port 10901 is stuck with BigIP and not releasing it. “Middleware” application runs on that PORT generally. $ netstat | grep 10901 tcp        1    200186    c000pcp:10901    […]

Remove network bonding in Linux.

* * This procedure is successful on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.3 & should also work in RHEL aswell. * * Login to console of server if you are not physically available at server to complete this process.  # ifconfig bond0 […]