Finding the UID of LUN in Linux.

* UID of LUN ( Logical Unit Number ) is different from LUN ID, which generally is in ” Hexadecimal ” format. for example : 1D79

* The following procedure is tested on ” Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4 (Nahant Update 5) “

* The server where i worked out this procedure do not have ” # multipath  / # dlnkmgr  /  #inq.linux ” or any other third party tools installed which can show / provide us ” LUN ID ” of disks assigned from storage.

* LUN’s are assigned from ” Hitachi Storage Array “. However the server has ” VCS ” & ” VxVm ” installed on it.

# ls -l /dev/sdp
brw-rw—-  1 root disk 8, 240 Jul 19  2013 /dev/sdp            – This is one of the LUN’s from EMC Array.

# /sbin/scsi_id -g -s /block/sdp                                            – This command shows UID of LUN from EMC Array

* Physically location ” /block ” is not available in linux server, however CMD syntax works that way.

* Being a sys admin, if you also have access allowed to storage array, you can confirm that UID by using the following command provided by ” EMC Unisphere / Navisphere  host agent ” installed in your Linux machine.

* Numeric “3” available from LUN UID is to be skipped / “3” is not a part of LUN ID here. The above LUN is 17th in series which is shown in my system / server.

There is lot more that can be done with # navicli, refer here for more info on it –

# navicli -h getlun 17 -uid
UID: 60:06:0E:80:05:72:26:00:00:00:72:26:00:00:02:12

Note :  if anybody, who finds this post knows a method to find a ” LUN ID / Number ” without having to use ”  # multipath  / # dlnkmgr  /  # inq.linux ”  & other 3rd party utils in Linux system, please share it via comments section. Thanks in Advance.

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